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Privacy is an important thing for everyone. In fact, everyone should know about private policy. Anyone who enters the website before private policy should have good knowledge. Your information will be protected on our database. So, Follow on our site private policy details:- 

Log Files

Using log files, our various information is passed on to third parties through the Internet. For example: Browser type, your IP Address, referral page, time and date, exit page, number of clicks, site status, site activity, etc. We can find out information through a log file.


When you visit a website, your various information is stored by a third party for a specified period of time. All this information comes to us if you do not turn off privacy in your browser.

Also when you submit any information in our comment box. It comes to us. For example, your name, email ID, IP Address comes to us. I have used it for your convenience. When you submit a valuable comment to us, it will be displayed to everyone when we grant access.

However, these cookies do not last long. These are automatically removed. We also use plugin to remove cookies. Using it removes automatic cookies.


We collect that data when the user enters the site and submits a comment about the post. There it shows the username, email id and the user’s ip address. We will show your valuable comments to the public if we approve your comments.

Google Analytics

We get various features using Google Analytics. When a visitor clicks on any of our posts. Then the cookies remain. We get to know their movements and the website gets interested in working based on their movements by looking at the customer.
If you do not want to transfer your data to third parties. Then you can use browser privacy use. This will prevent your data from being transferred to third parties. In this case you will not be able to take advantage of all the features.

DoubleClick DART Cookie

Google / third party ads display on our site. When you display ads by double-clicking, different data is passed on to third parties. is google advertising third party cookies to use.

Google Ads and content DART Third Party Cookie.

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